Noyes and Viessmann announce cooperation for innovative refrigeration solution

We are delighted about the partnership and proud to have an expert like Viessmann at our side. Our pioneering cooling system will make an important contribution to the sustainable urban logistics of tomorrow.

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Corinna  Ongkiehong
Marketing & Communication Specialist

Noyes Technologies is cooperating with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration solutions, to develop an innovative, modular, and fully automated refrigeration system for the revolutionary NoyesStorage. This will be a crucial addition to the Noyes and Viessmann portfolio, as it will dramatically simplify and improve the storage of items with complicated criteria like temperature and sanitary safety. The solution is expected to be available by the first quarter of 2023, laying the foundation for a long-term collaboration between the two companies.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Noyes Tech combine expertise, to shape the urban logistics.

The revolutionary refrigeration system, which combines Viessmann's significant refrigeration experience with Noyes' automated warehouse solution, provides a solution to the common problems q-commerce businesses face. The storage system's modular design allows it to be configured according to the customer's specific needs and with an exact fit. Furthermore, by chilling individual units, precise product storage temperatures can be regulated, assuring food safety compliance. Simultaneously, the storage system's maximum space efficiency is ensured. The automated nano-warehouse will be designed to have the least amount of environmental effect possible, using natural refrigerants and maintaining energy efficiency.

Why is there a need for a new storage solution for refrigeration on the market?

With the changing requirements due to the increasing number of q-commerce businesses with their wide chain of refrigerated products, there is a growing demand for space-saving and energy-efficient solutions that can be easily integrated into a small warehouse. Classic darkstores are equipped with conventional refrigerated display cabinets, as known from supermarkets. These not only take up space, but also consume a lot of energy, are expensive and increase picking time by opening and closing the doors. Urban warehouses need to be easily integrated into the city and must therefore be designed to save as much space as possible. With increasing automation of processes, a solution which can be integrated without effort is called for as well.

The Viessmann and Noyes solution is optimized for these requirements. It is small, modular, energy-saving and sustainable. The refrigeration solution can be quickly and easily integrated into the NoyesStorage without long downtimes. The picking process remains the same, regardless of whether the products need to be stored refrigerated or non-refrigerated.

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