Quick & easy: this is how fast the NoyesStorage is set-up

How long does it take to built-up a NoyesStorage? Have a look at how fast our team built-up a 36 modules storage in Munich.

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Corinna  Ongkiehong
Marketing & Communication Specialist

Over the last months our team was busy optimizing our NoyesStorage. After several iteration loops, the time had come in January: our first DemoStorage was installed in our new store in the heart of Munich.

Check out how our team built our DemoStorage from scratch.

The structure of the NoyesStorage is modular and can be flexibly adapted to the local conditions, such as room area, height and (irregular) floor plan. While classic automated warehouse systmes are offered from around 900 square meters, the NoyesStorage can automate even the smallest areas from ten square meters thanks to its modular design. This creates the possibility of storing 2,000 storage units of product groups - so-called Stock Keeping Units (SKU) - on an area of 30 square meters with a ceiling height of only two meters.

How does the NoyesStorage work?

The NoyesStorage is a fully automated warehouse system. Within, the products are transported by the robots, our NoyesBots, to the balconies and sorted according to demand so that the products can be accessed as quickly as possible. The robots within the NoyesStorage are controlled via a cloud-based control and management software, which also manages the orders and all relevant data, such as number of products, product position in the storage system, expiration date, etc. The robots can be accessed via a user interface. Operators can call up, process and manage orders via a user interface.

What are the advantages of NoyesStorage?

Fast pick times of only five to ten seconds per access save a lot of time compared to the manual process.  These fast pick times and the efficient positioning of products within the NoyesStorage enable fast delivery times at an affordable price. In addition, the Noyes solution's enormously high density enables any store space to be converted into fully automated, customized nano warehouses. The system continues to offer unrivaled flexibility. The plug-and-play system allows system expansions at any time - even during ongoing operation without interrupting service. Important software updates and information are imported "over the air".

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