Automated Storage System
for the smallest Spaces

Simplifying logistics challenges with 24/7 availability

Noyes logistics system
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Unrivaled density made for small spaces

  • Automate areas from 10 m2 - 250 m2
  • No minimum height restrictions allows decentralised storage
  • Maximum products per m2 within minimum space (up to 182 SKU/m2)
  • Maximizing space and eliminating aisles to grow item ranges  & enlarge product portfolio

Goods-to-person automation

  • Bring the right product to the picker eliminating walking paths and picking errors
  • High-speed picking times by the interplay of our robots with our powerful cloud solution
  • 24/7 availability through 100 % automation with automated bot charging
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High adaptability

  • Grow on the Go: the plug&play system enables expansion  during  operation
  • Fully customizable to your needs through modular design of the system with modules sized 500 x 700 mm
  • Optional: Layers with different set-ups (ultra dense to ultra fast)

The NoyesStorage
Enabling Nano Warehousing

Noyes Ultra-dense goods-to-person system

Ultra-dense goods-to-person system

  • Customizable to your needs and layout
  • Automation of the smallest warehouse areas from 10 m2
  • Affordable pricing starting from € 50k


  • Current maximum product load of 40kg
  • Automated charging (100% in 2.5 h)
  • Optional: robot rental system
Noyes Storage Interface

Storage User Interface

  • Interface to your backend, WMS, ERP or third party system
  • Operator terminal for picking, replenishment, maintenance and inventory checks
  • Process guidance to eliminate errors
Noyes carrier


  • Product dimensions up to 600 x 400 x 320 mm (European standard boxes and Euroboxes)
  • Ultimate flexibility for type and number of boxes per carrier
  • Perfectly matches European standard KLTs

Set-up times & installation

Learn all about the exact timings and how we set up the NoyesStorage for you.
NOYES Storage System

Our Pricing
Get started straight away with our NoyesStorage

See for yourself whether the NoyesStorage is the right solution for your use case and pave the way for the automation of your small warehouse. Despite the low cost solution with a layout of 5x8 modules, a measurable added value is already created.
Increase the NoyesStorage to medium-sized storages and include add-ons like elevator, ergonomic picking, cooling and automated picking.

NoyesStorage 583 from

€ 70,000

The low investment solution to realise first business impacts with an ultra dense automated storage. Gain confidence for the system.

Noyes startkit

3 Layers

112 Modules

6 Robots

SKU: 300+

Footprint: 16 m2

Cooling Unit

Extra Balconies

NoyesStorage 584 from

€ 90,000

The cheapest way to start with a high speed solution for fast retrievals: increase throughput and save space.

Noyes startkit+

4 Layers

147 Modules

8 Robots

SKU: 400+

Footprint: 17 m2

Cooling Unit

Extra Balconies

Custom Solution

Coming Soon

Fully customizable to your needs and layout with modular design and our plug&play system.

Up to 8 Layers

Number of modules depending on layout

Number of Robots depending on requirements

SKU: depends on modules

Footprint: from 10 m2

Modular extendable with Add-ons: cooling, elevator, automated picking, ergonomic pickick stations,
B2C interface

Small Warehouse Automation simplified

Low maintenance effort
Fast set-up and integration into running operations
Robot rental system
Noyes Storage Rendering

Frequently asked Questions

How many people do I need to set-up the NoyesStorage?

We will set up a project team at Noyes Tech and ask you do the same. In our 'Step by step guide' for the NoyesStorage integration you can find a suggestion of how you can form the project team. One person can take on multiple roles.

These roles should be covered: Project Manager, Backend Engineer, Store Manager and Warehouse/Facility Manager/Key User.

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Who is setting up the NoyesStorage in my location?

The NoyesStorage will be set up by Noyes Tech installation team or our contractor.

To learn more about the installation process, download our Step by Step guide to the NoyesStorage.

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How can the picker reach the top levels?

We currently offer a stepper solution for access up to level 6. We are furthermore working intensively on an elevator solution to transport the products across the levels to an ergonomic packing station.

The bottom three levels can be reached without any step needed.

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How can I replenish items in the boxes?

The physical replenishment is currently done manually. It's normally done bulkwise - replenishing a large chunk of items at a time - or by replacing the whole empty box with a full one. You can request a replenishment in the storage either automatically (via a request coming from the warehouse management system) or manually (using a graphical user interface at the store).

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What kind of material/products could be stored?

You can store every kind of material/products fitting inside a module size of max. 600 x 400 x 320 mm (W x L x H) according to and with a total weight of 40kg per carrier.

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Which challenges does the NoyesStorage tackle?

The Noyes Tech goods-to-person warehouse solution solves major logistics issues. Listed below are examples:

  • Expensive real estate: storing as many goods as possible per squaremeter.
  • Under-utilised space: warehouses must fit into crucial areas by layout and height, into small spaces and even around pillars.
  • Time inefficiencies: (long) walking paths for human pickers.
  • Disruptive macro effects: employee shortage in logistics labour market.
  • Suboptimal processes: increased requirement to build sequences/ kits in advance.
  • Costly maintenance: low cost solutions without on-site maintenance are not available for decentralized warehouses.
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Can products be transported over several levels?

Currently, products can only be delivered on the same level on which they are stored. However, we are already working intensively to develop an ergonomic pick station with an elevator. This feature will probably be available in early 2023.

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Does the NoyesStorage automatically learn wich products are high runners and align the distribution of the products accordingly?

The NoyesStorage automatically learns from past sales data to adapt to increase its performance. As a result the NoyesStorage retrieves high runners even faster and it can propose the best suiting reorder quantities.

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What are the box sizes available to use?

The available box space inside the NoyesStorage is 600 x 400 x 320 mm. Following boxes conforming to the VDA 4500 standard fit inside the storage and can be bought from Noyes (not included):

  • R-KLT 6429 / RL-KLT 6280
  • R-KLT 6415 / RL-KLT 6147
  • R-KLT 4329 / RL-KLT 4280
  • R-KLT 4315 / RL-KLT 4147
  • R-KLT 3215 / RL-KLT 3147
  • EURO box 600 x 400 x 320 mm
  • EURO box 600 x 400 x 170 mm
  • EURO box 400 x 300 x 320 mm
  • EURO box 400 x 300 x 170 mm
  • EURO box 300 x 200 x 170 mm
  • EURO box 150 x 200 x 170 mm

Further, any custom made box, which fits inside the dimension can be used. The NoyesStorage software can handle up to 8 compartments within the module size of 600 x 400 x 320 mm so that you can also use one big box with several spacers inside.

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How many Product groups (SKU) can the NoyesStorage store on one squaremeter?

Up to 91 Product groups (SKU) with the assumption that 4 single-variety boxes are stored per module (2.85 modules/sqm) and stored on 8 layers.

For each layer the customer can choose between a higher module (47cm) and a lower module (34cm).

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Can changes on the system be made even during operation?

The NoyesStorage can be changed in two different ways:

  1. Expansion during operation without any downtime. Expanding means that no changes are made to the existing storage, the former shape and size as well as the balcony configuration (location of the balconies) stays the same. Only additional modules are added to the system.
  2. Changes regarding layout or balcony configuration. When changing the existing storage, the complete system must be switched off and no operation is possible.

Any change or expanding of the system is done by our service provider. Depending on the scale of the change, the conversion can take between a few minutes and several days (approximately 5-10 mins per module).

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What is the maximum height for the NoyesStorage?

The maximum length, width as well as shape is theoretically unlimited. The maximum height is limited to 8 levels. Depending on the floor load capacity, the maximum height may vary. The NoyesStorage is designed for a surface load of 1000kg per sqm.

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What is the cheapest configuration for the NoyesStorage?

Our StarterKit is already available from 50k €. This includes 112 modules, 3 balconies, 6 NoyesBots and 82 carriers and is divided into a 5 x 8 grid on three levels (2 high, one low) with an area of 16 m2. For information contact our sales team.

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