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flexible, grow on the go

Small warehouse automation

We simplify the automation of small storage areas with our unique robot-operated, ultra-dense and highly flexible nano fulfillment warehouse.

Designed for Small Spaces
for different verticals

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Unrivaled Density

  • Maximizing space and eliminating aisles to grow item ranges significantly
  • Suitable for even the smallest space
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Lightning Speed

  • Consistently fast & robust warehouse processes
  • High-speed picking times by the interplay of our robots with our powerful cloud solution
  • Reduction of picking errors with the use of AI steered robots
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Flexible & Customizable

  • Grow on the Go: the plug&play system enables expansion even during running operation
  • Fully customizable through modular design
  • Additional features: cooling, ergonomic elevator, user- or B2C-interface
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Made for small spaces

  • Storage size from 10 m² and 1 m height adjustable to every layout
  • Noise reduced operation enables 24/7 usage
  • Innovative cooling system drastically reduces energy consumption
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Individually Customizable
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Designed for Small Spaces & Urban Use
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Increased Picking Rate
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Lightning Speed
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Affordable Prices
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Significant Energy Reduction
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Unrivaled Density

Nano Fulfillment now

Our Use Cases

Last Mile

Customers demand ever shorter delivery times – especially in cities.

To ensure quick delivery, your darkstores need to be in close proximity to your customers. Our solution simplifies the search for the right space, as it takes up only 1/5 to 1/10 of the normal shop size for the same amount of SKUs. In addition, you will gain picking accuracy and save fixed costs as rental, electricity and wage.

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E-Commerce & Retail

Consumers' desire for the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to shop online is rapidly increasing.

E-Commerce therefore faces the challenge of delivering more and more products at reduced delivery times with just one parcel. Our solution can be used in a variety of ways to meet these requirements: as a high-density and robotized fulfillment centre, urban collection hub close to the customer or as a 24/7 pick-up facility. 

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postal warehouse

Postal Services & Logistics

Faster, more flexible, cheaper and simpler: these are the demands customers place on parcel delivery and receipt.

Missing a package usually ends in an unpleasant experience: long queues at the post office or unknown retailer with hard-to-reach opening hours cause frustration for the recipient. In addition, the increased online-shopping behavior leads to high parcel volumes, resulting in more complex logistics processes and infrastructure capacity limits. With our solution you can provide a high-density, flexible and noise cancelling system for 24/7 pick up, simplify the process and satisfy your customers needs again.

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Food Retail

Due to changing consumer behavior, the urban grocery delivery and meal kit market is growing and competition is increasing.

Competitors are offering increasingly revolutionary business models, such as 10-minute grocery delivery. With our solution, this is no longer a challenge for you. Store your goods in our very dense and flexible system that makes it easy for you to find urban retail spaces close to your customers and offer 24/7 pick-up hubs for same-day/hour/5-minute pick-up in stores or shopping malls.

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food shelves in a super market

Medical & Hospital

Do you want to get rid of all the rolling cabinets in the corridors of your hospital?

With our solution, you can bring all the material into an ultra-density, highly automated, centralized nano storage facility with integrated warehouse management system and access control. Our system gives you a secure space, accurate visibility of your stock, 24/7 availability and enables the storage of refrigerated medicines.

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Industrial Use

Do you want to save logistics costs?

Then bring the parts back to the assembly line instead of mixing them in sequences or putting them together in sets. With our robot-assisted nano warehouse as a small parts storage system, you can store up to 140 different items on 1 sqm with a height of only 3 m and remove the right item within seconds if required. Redefine provisioning on the assembly line with our solution.

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Finding the simplest way to provide the cheapest solution.

Noyes Tech achieves this through consistent first-principle thinking and the reduction of technology to a necessary minimum while maintaining a high level of standardization and modularization.

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Marco Prüglmeier, Founder and CEO Noyes Technologies
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Marco Prüglmeier
Co-Founder and CEO

22+ years of experience in logistics

Ex-Global Head of Logistics Innovation & Industry 4.0 at BMW AG

Aaron Spiegelburg Founder and CFO NOYES TechnologiesLinkedin Logo

Aaron Spiegelburg
Co-Founder and CFO

20+ years of experience in process optimization & digital businesses

10+ years of experience in financial steering

Stephanie Zureich, COO NoyesLinkedin Logo

Stephanie Zureich

14+ years experience in business development, sales & operations

Multiple start-up leadership positions

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Frequently asked Questions

Which challenges does the NoyesStorage tackle?

The Noyes Tech goods-to-person warehouse solution solves major logistics issues. Listed below are examples:

  • Expensive real estate: storing as many goods as possible per squaremeter.
  • Under-utilised space: warehouses must fit into crucial areas by layout and height, into small spaces and even around pillars.
  • Time inefficiencies: (long) walking paths for human pickers.
  • Disruptive macro effects: employee shortage in logistics labour market.
  • Suboptimal processes: increased requirement to build sequences/ kits in advance.
  • Costly maintenance: low cost solutions without on-site maintenance are not available for decentralized warehouses.
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What is nano fulfillment?

Compared to micro fulfillment, it is more cost effective, faster, closer to the customer and makes the most of any retail space, no matter how small. For the purpose of clarification: micro fulfillment refers to storage areas of 900 to 4000 sqm. Nano starts at 75 sqm - our solution even at 10 sqm. Nano fulfillment is thus the smallest and fastest supply chain solution in close proximity to the costumers. These urban nano warehouses enable lightning fast delivery times to an affordable price. Contact us to realize your urban nano fulfillment center.

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