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Warehouse automation has never been easier

The NoyesStorage offers you the first opportunity to convert the smallest spaces into efficient storage areas. Its compact design increases storage capacity in the same space by up to 250% and reduces walking distances by 70%.

The modular and highly flexible shelving system is built in just a few hours. The flexible “Grow-on-the-Go” extension method allows the system to be expanded at any time during operation. Upgrade your NoyesStorage anytime with our modular add-ons such as cooling, picker or elevator.


higher storage capacity

on the same footprint


Stock transparency


reduced workload

by manual activities

In collaboration with

Ein Mensch vor einer automatischen Kleinteilelager, der Produkte entnimmt

Modularity for flexibility

Each company sets different requirements for warehouse automation. With its modular design, the NoyesStorage adapts flexibly in size and shape to each floor plan and spatial conditions. The modules with a dimension of 500x700mm are available in two heights to optimally use the available space.

The intelligent design of the NoyesStorage allows it to be individually configured to suit your needs. Adjust the individual levels in height, throughput and number of bins according to your requirements. Temporarily counter seasonal fluctuations with additional robots. Our fair leasing and RaaS model eliminates the need for large investments.


modul heights

Flexible combinable according to need

from 10 sqm


up to 880


on a footprint of 14 sqm with four levels (exemplary)

Your Benefits

Let us find the simplest and most cost-efficient way to automate your warehouse. Despite reducing the technology to the necessary minimum, the NoyesStorage offers you the best solution for your business.

from 10 sqm


Up to 40 kg


payload per bot

250 %


more storage capacity

1.200 Watt

Power Consumption

for 4 levels on 14 sqm

Roboter in der Logistik in einem automatischen Lager

Your needs are our priority

The NoyesStorage is completely customisable to your needs. We automate your warehouse without changing your infrastructure. Save yourself time and stress from long planning processes. We will find the perfect configuration for you in no time.

The system can either be controlled via the NOYES Warehouse Management System (WMS) or integrated into your existing WMS. Connect the system to a scan device or the supplied user interface.

Have a look for yourself and configure your first NoyesStorage.

Automatisches Lager - NoyesStorage zur Automatisierung der Logistik Configure NoyesStorage

Our Applications & Use Cases

Last Mile

Ever shorter delivery times demand shorter distances. Automate various areas and thus increase inventory, throughput and transparency.

Ein konventionelles Logistiklager

E-Commerce & Retail

Faster, cheaper, more convenient: online shopping. Get your goods to your customers quickly with reduced picking errors and increased efficiency.

Food Retail

Permanent availability – that’s what buyers want. Ensure that your customers receive their desired items at all times.

Medical & Pharma

Store your medical supplies and medicines with integrated warehouse management system and access control.

Industrial Use

Every square metre counts. Densify your storage space, ensure stock transparency and optimise the efficiency of your staff.

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