Automated storage
for the smallest space





The NoyesStorage

With the NoyesStorage, we offer customised storage automation solutions to take your business to the next level. They are cost-efficient, flexible, user-friendly and secure. The base structure remains the same and consists of our four main components: Shelving System, NoyesBot, Carrier and User Interface. Depending on your needs, the system can be flexibly expanded with add-ons such as a cooling system, elevator or picker.


Take efficiency and performance to a new level with our powerful NoyesBots. With a load capacity of 40kg and a low weight of only 15kg, these robots move and place your goods quickly and reliably within your automated storage system.

  • 40 kg load capacity with only 15 kg own weight
  • Automated charging (100% in two hours)
  • Easy commissioning by your employees on site

RaaP – Roboter as a Parcel

Should a defect occur, you will be sent a replacement immediately via parcel. The simple commissioning allows your employees to replace the robots themselves in just a few minutes.


The system contains load carriers to transport the products inside the NoyesStorage. Bins of different sizes are stored on their base area of 600 x 400 mm. For example, standard KLTs, Euroboxes, packages or two standard beverage carriers.
You can either distribute the products manually or have them placed automatically and optimised using the NoyesCloud.

  • Product dimensions up to 600 x 400 x 320 mm
  • Flexible in type and number of bins
  • Store bins directly from the supplier without repacking

The Shelf

Our NoyesStorage uses a flexible shelving system consisting of columns and floor plates. The floor plates have markers for precise navigation and tracking of the NoyesBots and goods.
It is easily scalable and flexible to the size and capacity of the warehouse. The NOYES shelf offers a solid and reliable base for your automated storage.

  • Flexibly adaptable with basic modules 500 x 700mm
  • Modules in two different heights
  • Short build-up time of a few hours

Set-up times & installation

Find out all about the expected times and how we set up the NoyesStorage for you.

Warehousing simplified

We take care of your logistics allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Modular Cooling System

Co-developed with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions.
Refrigerate your products within your automated storage system without refrigerating your entire system or placing it in a cold room. The Nano Fulfillment Center stores various products in different temperature classes in a very small space and thus improves the efficiency of operational logistics.

  • Cooling of individual boxes
  • Complete monitoring of the cold chain through IoT sensors
  • Flexible in the number of refrigerated storage places
  • No difference in the picking process of chilled or non-chilled products

Optimise your logistics

Flexibility & Modularity

  • Modularly expandable in all directions during operation
  • Functions such as elevator, cooling, picking etc. can be integrated subsequently
  • Easy integration of third-party products, such as scanners, AMRs or WMS/ERP

Cost efficiency

  • Fast ROI (12 – 18 months)
  • Reduce space and error rates and increase employee efficiency
  • Real-time inventory management instead of manual inventory
  • No maintenance costs

Simple integration & operation

  • Stand-alone solution with integrated warehouse management system and intuitive user interface
  • Integrate scanner solutions to retrieve and confirm orders
  • Connection to WMS, ERP and other ordering systems via API integration

Automated stock control

  • View stock online at any time with real-time data
  • Inventory and stock adjustment possible at any time via user interface
  • Automated replenishment customer-specifically customisable

NoyesStorage Configurator

Convince yourself that the NoyesStorage is the right solution for your application and pave the way for the automation of your warehouse. With our configurator you get the optimal configuration for your requirements.