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When Noyes Palmer Chapman invented the 15-piece puzzle, he certainly didn’t think his idea would one day help robots navigate products in a shelving system. And yet that’s exactly what we at NOYES have applied to our NoyesStorage to save space. But why?

NOYES was founded in 2021 by Aaron Spiegelburg and Marco Prüglemeier with the aim of revolutionising the logistics industry in a sustainable way. To bring the focus back to the essentials, to reduce stress and to make life easier, even at work.
Because the logistical challenges of today are complex and numerous: a shortage of skilled workers, disrupted supply chains and advancing climate change are just a few examples. Common automation solutions are planning-intensive, time-consuming and expensive. The goal was therefore to develop a solution that is fast, cost-effective and flexible.

With our almost 40 employees from 17 different nations, we meet these challenges with simplicity every day. Over the last two years, we have perfected our NOYES Nano Fulfilment solution, NoyesStorage, so that it serves users as a quickly integrable, modular and reliable component of the supply chain.

Based on the logic of the 15-piece puzzle, our NoyesBots now transport products through the NoyesStorage at our customers’ premises. Together with the NOYES team, our two founders are constantly optimising the system. So that in the end you can sit back and no longer have to worry about your logistics.

We are NOYES

How would you feel about working in a community and not just with colleagues. A community that ambitiously reaches for the stars and works as one to reach new, unimagined heights.

Marco Prueglmeier

Co-Founder and CEO

22+ years of experience in logistics

Ex-Global Head of Logistics Innovation & Industry 4.0, BMW AG

Aaron Spiegelburg

Co-Founder and CFO

20+ years of experience in process optimisation and digital business

10+ years of experience in financial steering


Experience in engineering, software, business development, sales and operations

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Start-up of the Year 2022


IFOY Award

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Logistics Solution of the Year Award 2023




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Shape the logistics of tomorrow with us

Motivated and happy employees in combination with a good idea are the best foundation for success.
Contribute your own ideas and take responsibility early. At NOYES, we value proactive, positive thinkers who communicate clearly and set high goals for themselves.

The NOYES Philosophy

This is how we work in the #Noyesphere.

Our commitment to the SDG goals

SDG stands for “Sustainable Development Goals” and comprises 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved globally by 2030. The SDGs are intended to help fight poverty, reduce inequalities and promote environmental protection in order to create a sustainable future for all.

Zero Hunger

Goal 2

In Germany alone, 2.4 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year in retail and out-of-home catering. The reasons are manifold.
With our Nano Fulfillment solution, we directly counteract the most important factors: Interrupted cold chains in logistics, non-transparent or faulty warehousing and incomplete recycling management can be optimised with NoyesStorage.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Goal 3

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, ill health is the biggest health risk in the work environment, affecting about 3 out of 5 people, and the cost of absenteeism and accidents to the employer is immense. Proper ergonomics can reduce musculoskeletal-related absenteeism by up to 72%. Thanks to the integrated vertical lift and the underlying goods-to-person functionality, the NoyesStorage offers an ergonomic alternative to common manual work processes and reduces the accident rate as well as the travel time of employees.

Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8

At NOYES, we take this goal personally. Our inclusive work environment is dedicated to the personal development of each of our 42 employees from 16 different nations. At NOYES Technologies, employees are rewarded for creating change, no matter from where or at what time. Individual personality is as important as the value achieved, individuality is encouraged and nurtured rather than suppressed.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 9

One of the biggest challenges for companies and society today is to build resilient infrastructure and sustainable innovation for industrialisation.
NOYES is playing a part in this. The NoyesStorage can be seen as an innovation engine, with an open rest API that can be connected to any type of system or service, ensuring data and inventory transparency from day one of use.

Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 11

With the NoyesStorage, many applications can be realised that have a direct impact on sustainability in cities and municipalities. Automated nano hubs can significantly reduce the space required for urban storage processes. Deliveries can be flexibly scheduled outside of rush hour, which makes a Co2 reduction of at least 30% possible with optimised design.
Thanks to our partnership with Viessmann, we are also able to replace refrigerated trucks and commercial refrigerators in the long term with our modular cooling solution, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption of up to 90%.

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